April's Thought's - What I've Learned So Far.....

Finding Our Way As A New Family Of Four

Written by: April Vargo

I just started my first week back to work after having Danny.  Looking back I can’t believe how fast these past twelve weeks have flown by and how much has happened.  It literally feels like…

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How To Find Joy In Teaching Remotely

Written by: April Vargo


When I initially sat down to write this blog I thought about the topic of remote / live, virtual teaching from a Covid pandemic side.  I realized that this pandemic has taken up way…

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Mindset Matters: How To Live A Positive Life

Written by: April Vargo


There’s so much in this world that you can’t control, circumstances that happen that you didn’t chose.  However, you are in control of who you are, what you say, the choices you make…

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I'm so excited you decided to stop by and read with me.  I love to write and share and wanted to create a space where people can:

- Learn about new Play.Sing.Act launches, classes, products

- Gain additional knowledge in the music, singing, performing worlds

- Receive motivational words of wisdom I've picked up along the way 

- Be inspired


I hope you enjoy! 

- April