Put That Device To Use - Using Telecommunications To Your Classroom
  • Put That Device To Use - Using Telecommunications To Your Classroom
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What's included: -Video recording of 2018 IMES presentation -Powerpoint used during presentation

Put That Device to Use - Using Telecommunications to Your Classroom

Abstract: Technology has allowed our world to communicate in a global capacity. We are able to be in different states and countries in one day without ever leaving a singular location. Learn how to give your students the opportunity to meet musicians, composers, take lessons, record their progress, and communicate with other students their age in your own classroom. Imagine the global footprint and experiences your students can have with the touch of a button.


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduce myself, background, and experience

  3. Describe what telecommunications is and means

  4. List of telecommunications providers (Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom)
  5. These are all FREE
  6. Global capabilities

  7. Breaking the Stigma

  8. Many have negative connotations or ideas that learning or communicating in this manner is not effective.....this simply isn't the case
  9. Screen sharing, document sharing, recording capabilities
  10. This is the world of your students, stop fighting it and put those cell phones to good use

  11. Okay, I'll bite, Now what can I do with these telecommunications programs

  12. Invite speakers
  13. Invite musicians and composers
  14. Music Lessons - Imagine if all of you students could have access to private lessons
  15. Sectionals - Learning time can be more constructive
  16. Students record and send you their recordings - they can track their own progress - practice journals
  17. Can still use Google programs
  18. Work with other schools - create a partnership
  19. Virtual concerts

  20. Life can be easy and fun

  21. Since speakers, musicians, and composers won't have to travel to you, cost is down, they can present from anywhere they are without having to interfere with their schedules
  22. Insurance costs of having extra bodies in the building are now obsolete, your admin will love that
  23. Your students will be more engaged because it's something they enjoy and understand
  24. Parents can see progress firsthand instead of always having to ask you to tell them how their students are doing Not being able to get a ride, bad weather, or scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past

Audience - General Educator Knowledge

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