Study Privately

Coaching - As You Go
  • Coaching - As You Go
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The individual coaching as you go will be blocked in 30 minute segments. Please fill in how many segments you would like at the bottom of the order. Before purchasing please make sure that you have a confirmed day and time.

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1 Month of Private Lessons
  • 1 Month of Private Lessons
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Flute, Beginning Piano, Voice, or Acting Lessons available for 30 minute intervals once a week. Please make sure you have solidified a time and date before purchasing the lessons.
Please read the policies and procedures for studying privately.

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Courses of Study

  • Voice
  • Acting
  • Flute
  • Beginning Piano
  • Confidence Coaching

How It Works

  • Pick your package:
    • Coaching As You Go - Book 30 minute lessons, one at a time as your schedule allows
    • Monthly Lessons - Book one month at a time (4, 30 minute lessons)
  • Fill out interest form, April will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your lessons. 
  • April only teaches select weekdays in the morning, there are no afternoon, evening, or weekend availabilities. 
  • Purchase - After you have agreed upon a day and time with April, your lessons will be officially reserved upon purchase 
  • After each lesson parents will receive a detailed email with information on how the lesson itself went, what areas we want to focus / improve upon, and what areas are going really well.  You will also receive a Google Drive link with the materials needed for class, if anything needs to be purchased by the parent, you will be notified. 

What You Need

  • Zoom Account - Free....All lessons are online, live - in real-time
  • Electronic device with internet connection - computer, phone, tablet
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Instrument (If applicable)

Make Up / Cancellation Policy

  • Play.Sing.Act, LLC does not do traditional make-ups.  If you should cancel or no-show on a lesson, please send April a recording (either video / audio) of the material you were to practice for that week.  April will send back what you need to practice / focus on for the following week's lesson.  
  • All sales are final.  Refunds are not issued once a lesson is booked and purchased. 

Practice Advice

Practicing is a super important part of improving your skillset.  April's general thought on practice is not to set a timer and worry about the amount of time, but rather focus on the quality of time.  You won't see much improvement by just coming to lessons once a week, you need to be putting in the time outside of class as well.  This looks different for everyone. 

If you're following a more professional track, then practicing needs to happen on a daily basis, should be rather rigorous - meaning that you're incorporating warm ups, songs, technique, and a ton of self reflection (recording yourself and analyzing said recordings, keeping a journal of each practice session so you can constantly see how you're progressing and what you need to continue to work on.)

If this is more of a hobby then the rigor doesn't need to be there, but there still needs to be time invested.  April encourages her students to find those spare minutes in your day to practice and keep those skills fresh and moving forward. 

Whether you're taking lessons to become a professional or a hobby, make practicing fun, and something you look forward to, not something you have to do.  Make it a regular part of your day.  Performing should be fun, find your joy and look at each practice session as an opportunity to perform!