Finding Your Tribe

Written by: April Vargo


The word "tribe" is the hot new word to describe a community that you create for yourself.  The word itself isn't new at all, in fact, it's been around forever.  I remember in school learning about indigenous cultures who were members of a tribe.  They would live, eat, pray, and celebrate together.  Many times they shared the same cultures and family lines.

These tribes would live together for protection, food, and celebration.  They worked to take care of each other and support one another.  It seemed everyone in the tribe had a role and had to pull their weight in order for the group as a whole to prosper. 

Today I find this concept to be one in the same.  People are looking for like-minded individuals, whether they be family, friends, or new meetings to add to their tribe.  Some of the people in your tribe are those you choose and some are those who come to you in the best ways possible. 

After Maizy was born we were inundated with love, celebration and support from a plethora of people.  Some of them were family members, friends, students and parents.  I was shocked and, honestly, humbled at the response.  This was something I never expected.  I mean I knew people got excited about babies, but I didn't understand that it's so much more than just "oh look at how cute she is."  

People are genuinely vested and excited for this new little person, this next chapter, and getting to be a part of our lives.  Life gets so busy that many times we're so focused on getting through the day, making sure our tasks are completed, running through our responsibilities that we sometimes forget to save time for those that really matter.  So when something big happens in someone's life, it's a time to celebrate and share. 

It's opened my eyes to the amazing people we have in our life and how much a simple phone call, email, walk, or visit really means.  I was absolutely shocked by the outpouring of love and support I received from my students and their families.  We received gifts, emails, and beautiful mom advice.  Some of these people I have never physically met, but have created such a strong bond online.  They are part of our tribe, and life outside of just a 30 or 60 minute lesson. 

I started thinking about and analyzing my relationships with people.  I realized that there were some people who I had lost touch with and didn't really remember why.  There were others that I had always wanted to call to hang out with, but didn't know if that would be weird as we had never done that before.  I finally started saying, "screw it, I'm picking up the phone."  Funny thing, people's responses were, "yeah I had thought about doing the same before, but never did it either."  Guess what, we got together and had a blast! 

I have family and friends who I have always been close with whose bond is even closer.  I am making it a point to call, talk, email, text, or get together on a weekly basis.  I think I have become more open, a better friend and listener. 

I've taken on so many leadership roles in the past that I think sometimes I forget what it's like to just have downtime and to get to have fun and not have to be on all of the time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on getting rid of any of my leadership roles, but I realized I need a healthier balance of work and play.  

The people who are a part of our tribe have taught me a great deal and continue to inspire me on a daily basis.  I am eager to continue to build and add more.  I would love to get out there, join groups and classes, and meet more like minded individuals.  I have already started to work on my schedule where I can keep running my business, be a mom to Maizy, and get to enjoy life with the people who matter most.

This weekend will be the first time I will be able to take her out of the house for legit outings - we had been waiting for her to get her vaccines before really going out in public.  I already have a pretty full schedule planned for our little family.  She'll be enjoying her first musical, going to a symphony, going to church, out to eat, and having a picnic.  She'll get to meet some pretty awesome people who I've had the pleasure of working with in the past, some more family members, and hopefully some new friends.  

We are so excited for this next chapter to start and to add new people to our growing tribe.  What tribe or community have you created for yourself? 

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