What Others Learn When We Don't Realize Anyone's Watching

Written by: April Vargo


These last couple weeks have completely flown by for me....honestly, this whole year is flying by....I can't believe we're already in April!  

I'm used to working by deadlines and under pressure.  I feel like I am working under my biggest deadline to date.  We are expecting our first child in June, in my mind I want everything done early so that if she comes in May I won't feel like a complete mess. 

The pregnancy itself has been a pretty easy one.  I mean, there's been hurdles here and there, but honestly I have felt pretty lucky, especially when I hear stories from other women and some of what they have gone through.  However, this last trimester is really starting to kick my butt, in more ways than one. 

Each day as I get significantly bigger I start to realize the small things I took for granted......being able to sleep through the night, walk without discomfort, have loads of energy, and tackle everything with ease.  I feel like I am slowing down immensely.  Some days are easier than others, but you never know what day you're going to get until you start living it. 

I am a very positive person, but have found some days my positivity to be tested.  As we get closer to the end date, a date we are so excited about, I still think about all the things I would like to accomplish, everything I would like to get done before Maizy gets here. 

I recently realized I might be over-pushing myself.  I've started asking if these things are truly essential, if they don't happen will my world end?  Is it worth putting the extra pressure on myself?  What will the cost be in the end?  

Jason and I just went to our first baby class, Taking Care of Baby.  It was honestly, fantastic!  Neither one of us knew what to expect before going, and we were slightly afraid it would be information that was fairly common knowledge.  However, it was super enlightening and really made me think. 

They talked about the basics; how to bathe and change diapers.  They also talked about products to use and stay away from, what baby's skin already have and what certain products tend to take away.  How to nurture and sooth your baby.  How babies develop right from birth and what they need from parents as they grow.  How parents can help in the development of their child right away.  

There were things I hadn't even thought of, practices that could really help, and how we can give our daughter a fabulous life from day one.  I think that's the goal of every parent, to give their child a fabulous life!  One of the things the nurse really stressed was it wasn't all of the stuff you give to your children, it's more about your interaction and how you respond to your children.   

Some of the things I started thinking about today as I was cleaning was what we don't teach our children.  Kids watch and learn from us all of the time, as a teacher this is something I have always believed, as a parent, it's something that's starting to hit home.  Children learn more from what we do, how we live our lives, and who we associate with then just the verbal lessons we teach them.   

All of the crazy running around I've been doing and the needless deadlines I'm putting on myself, will it matter in the end?  What will it bring to the table?  What do I want Maizy to learn from me?  As I thought about these questions more, I realized I knew exactly what I wanted Maizy to learn and witness:

1.  Hard Work Ethic - Work hard and pursue your dreams, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you're willing to work for it. 

2.  Always Be Kind - Regardless of what the world does or how other people act, it's always important to show kindness. 

3.  Be Strong -  Stand up for your convictions and what you believe in.  Your beliefs may not always be popular, but being true to your convictions is much more important than following the crowd. 

4.  Have Faith - There's something greater than us in the world, pray, be thankful, and give back when you can. 

5.  Surround Yourself With Good People - Find people in this world who will build you up, who are positive, and who you can share your life with. 

6.  Family Is Everything - Having a strong family unit is so important.  So many people don't, never take it for granted. 

7.  Always Have A Sense of Adventure - Travel, don't be afraid to try new things, there's always a plan B if plan A doesn't work out. 

8.  Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself - Individuality, creativity, passion, and a zest for life are so important.  Once you find out who you are, embrace it and shout it to the world! 

Preparing is good and essential, I think most parents go through this.  Especially being a mom, you feel the little moving and growing inside of you all of the time.  There is a bond already created, and a little personality already forming.  You don't want to fail your child, and the idea of screwing something up that could affect or harm them is very real.  However, it's nice to realize that if you live the best life you can, you're showing your child the kind of person they can be.

I'm already thinking of changes I want to make after Maizy is here, programs I want her to be involved in, and people I want to surround her with that will love her unconditionally.  I am very blessed to have an amazing husband, family, and friend support system who are all super excited about what's to come.  I know at the end of the day everything will be okay, and we are going to be introducing an amazing human. 

For all of you out there who are growing your families, raising your kids, growing a career, you're doing a great job!  Have a fabulous weekend!  


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