Positivity - Keeping A Strong, Positive, Mindset

Written by: April Vargo

I have always been raised in a very positive house with the mindset to always see the bright side of things.  If something doesn't go your way, don't focus on the negative, but instead how are you going to fix it?  We got one day (and sometimes that was long) to feel sorry for ourselves, vent, pig out, etc.  However, that next day was go time, there was no more feeling bad, moping around, but instead, a day to take action.  How are you going to proceed, what are you going to do to fix it, and what's the ultimate vision you see for yourself? 

My family is incredibly supportive and was always there when you needed them.  This way of being raised was a Godsend.  I've always been able to see the good in people, in situations, and it's made me push myself to succeed.  Some people have made comments that my positive outlook annoys them, and that's okay....you don't have to like it.  At the end of the day it's who I've become. 

The other day I talked to my mom on the phone.  She recently had cataract surgery.  The surgery was a success, however, she can't see due to not being able to get the correct prescription to balance out the two eyes.  The doctor has asked for one the thing, the ladies at the optical center have ordered their own thing, and my mom has worked for weeks to correct this.  Finally, she asked for the prescription and went elsewhere.  

When I was talking to her, she said that this wasn't her favorite thing to deal with, not being able to see is incredibly difficult and frustrating.  However, she said, this is only temporary.  While it's an inconvenience, this will pass and I'll be able to see again.  I choose to focus on the positive because focusing on the negative isn't going to help me and isn't going to make my situation any better.

It made me think back to other people I have met throughout my life who have been dealt a rough hand.  Some have been hospitalized, some have lost children, spouses, or parents, or have found themselves with serious diseases.  These are things you don't necessarily have control over, but you do have control over how you respond.  The people who stand out in my mind are the one's who found a way to make their lives better because of it. 

My thoughts go to people who are battling cancer or serious diseases who would like nothing more than to be out of the hospital, be able to work, to travel, to live, go to school, or even complete mundane everyday chores. 

This pops into my head every now and then when I find myself saying the phrase, "I have to do this," instead of "I get to do this."  So many times we take the simple things for granted, things that some people would give anything to be able to do.  Looking at life, in all of its ups and downs, as a series of opportunities and positive experiences, versus obstacles and responsibilities will change the way we approach life in general. 

When our perspectives change, we'll be able to see all of the talents we possess, the positives in our lives, and the opportunities available to us.  It helps us to make changes we need to make.  Maybe we realize that we don't like our job, the people we surround ourselves with make us feel badly, or that we are living too much in the past and not for the future.  Once you realize what you don't like, you can easily fix it and pursue what makes you happy. 

Cut out the negative people.  Once they're gone you'll notice all of these positive people you have in your life.  You'll continue to only draw other positive people in.  You may have thought, where have all of these people been hiding all of this time?  The truth is, they've always been there, but they don't want to be around negativity and maybe you couldn't see them.

Life doesn't always give you lemonade, sometimes it's a nasty, moldy lemon......but what are you going to do with that lemon?  How can you change it and see the good in what it can provide?  

Once you've made up your mind to be happy, to be positive, and to surround yourself with like-minded people, your life will completely change for the good.  If this isn't the way you're programmed, start small and try it in baby steps.  Take one day at a time and start making small changes.  It will start to snowball and big things will start to happen.  

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