Leaping Into 2019!


I don't know about anyone else, but this holiday season has completely flown by!  I felt like I was racing to get everything done by the holidays and then all of a sudden I blinked and they were over.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the decorations, people are always so upbeat and happy, and I get to spend a lot of time with family and friends.  It's a really special time for my husband and I.    

I have recently had some downtime to get back in the swing of things and take some time to think back on this past year.  So much has happened for me personally and professionally this year.  I have grown as a business owner, entrepreneur, musician, director and person. 

I have had the privilege to stand up in a friend's weddings, become a godmother to two beautiful children, expand my student base, meet some amazing professional musicians / sound engineers / lighting technicians, direct several musicals, and speak at an international music conference.  

I am always so amazed by the truly amazing people who come into my life, and the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to pursue.  

On a personal family note, my husband recently opened up his own business, and we are now a two entrepreneur household.  This has been something he has been talking about for quite a long time.  He supported me when I opened my business, and it has been so exciting getting to do the same for him.  I am so incredibly proud of what we have been able to do both independently and as a team. 

Our greatest blessing this past year happened in September.  My husband and I had been trying for a little under a year to get pregnant and found out that our wishes came true.  We will be welcoming our first child June 7, 2019.  We are so excited to be expanding our family and living the life we've been talking and dreaming of. 

We have been working so hard to build the life we want to live, be independent, grow a family, and live the way we want to.  Sometimes in the daily hustle and bustle you forget how much you've actually been able to accomplish and how far you've come.  This past new year, I've looked back and realized all of our hard work is starting to come to fruition, and that this is only the beginning. 

I hope that whatever your dreams and hopes are you are able to achieve them.  Whatever happened in 2018 is merely a stepping stone into what you are able to accomplish in 2019.  Happy New Year to all, may all your dreams come true! 

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