A Two Entrepreneur Household

Written by: April Vargo


This Spring and Summer have been quite a whirlwind in the Vargo household.  The time has completely flown by, honestly, I'm not even really sure how we're approaching Fall.  These past few months have presented so many new and exciting opportunities. 

I presented at my first international music education conference, directed my first outdoor theatre production, made so many new connections, shared ideas, made new friends and learned a great deal.  To add to the excitement my husband went out on his own, to open his own business.  We are now a two entrepreneur household, which is incredibly exciting! 

I forgot all of the nervousness, insecurity, and emotions being independent brings with it.  Once you start to establish yourself, you tend to forget about the whirlwind of emotions you first felt.  Watching Jason navigate through the process was a reminder of the excitement and fear that comes with such a change.

I feel like the longer we have been married the more we have grown together to really establish the lifestyle we want for ourselves.  This May, we celebrated seven years of marriage.  I was looking through wedding photos the other day and realized that the people we were in those photos have grown, changed, matured, and unified.  

What I thought marriage was (a Disney fairytale, where you wake up every day with butterflies in your stomach, next to Prince Charming, until death do you part) is slightly different from what marriage really is.  It's being there for each other during the happiest moments of your life, the saddest, the most frustrating, being each other's cheerleader and biggest fan, and understanding that life isn't perfect - but it's such a fantastic ride!

Our vision for our future together has started to change as we've been together longer.  Instead of just talking about the dreams for our future, we're jumping onboard and making those dreams a reality.  We've really started to hone in on what's important to us....

1.  Family

2.  Flexibility

3.  Independence

4.  Adventure 

For both of us, it became abundantly clear, that life is too short to sit behind a desk and wait for the weekend to arrive.  A person's job shouldn't be that dreaded place they go to for a great majority of their day, but something that adds value to their life, a way for them to express who they are and what makes them tick.  When those two feet hit the floor in the morning, you should be excited and ready to go.  

I'm not saying that everyday is easy.  On the contrary...this past week alone saw six straight days of 12 plus hour work days, lots of running around, and lots of deadlines.  When you work for yourself, there's no one else to do the work, so it's either you or it doesn't get done.  If it doesn't get done, you don't get paid.  However, we both enjoy the work we do, so the running, long hours, and the craziness is not terrible - it's actually enjoyable.  

The fact that you're building something from the ground up is so incredibly exciting.  All the work you put in reaps a great deal of reward for you, not someone else.  I often think of the quote, "If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs." - Tony Gaskins.  

We're also working towards a family.  We are trying to have kids (a process that's much harder and much more emotional than I realized - but that's another story for another day).  We want to build a life for our future kids, one that we and they can be proud of.  So many of the lessons both Jason and I are learning during this process are things that we can pass down.  We want them to know that anything is possible, that life is full of opportunity if you're willing to take it, and, that above all else, life should be fun!  

I am so proud of the story we're writing and the legacy we hope to leave.  As my husband continue on this path, I want him to know that I am so incredibly proud of him, proud of what we have accomplished together, and can't wait to see what our next adventure holds in store.  


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