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Vacation - What I Learned

Written by:  April Vargo


My once a week blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside in the last month or so.  Life has been absolutely crazy, but in the best way.  

My husband and I took…

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The Importance Of Vacations

Written by: April Vargo


One of my all time favorite things to do in my free time is travel.  Whether it's a short day trip to explore somewhere new, to visit a favorite spot, or go away…

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The Piano Guys, A Must See


Written by: April Vargo

When holiday's, birthdays, and such roll around Jason and I like to get each other gifts to events - something to do, a way to spend some time together.  For this Christmas Jason…

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Sometimes You Just Have To Brag…. 


Written by: April Vargo


The best part of being a teacher is having the opportunity to help someone grow their own talents and then watch them succeed.  When someone excels and you get to be…

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Get Yourself Organized This Spring

Written by: April Vargo


Spring is here - unless you live in the midwest and you’re still experiencing this awesome snow we’re getting in April!  Schedules for spring seem to fill up right away with weddings, graduations…

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I Blame My Parents...

Written by: April Vargo

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they realize they’re turning into their parents.  It’s a slow progression, adages that were meant to be educational that were said throughout your life and used to…

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What I've Learned From Homeschool Families

Written by: April Vargo

I've been a teacher for ten years and have had the privilege of working with so many amazing students in several different school types and settings.  In just ten short years the industry has changed immensely. …

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Why Small Businesses Are Dying

Written by: April Vargo

The American Dream has always been to stand on your own two feet; own property, have a job and support your family.  The opportunity to open and run your own small business is a piece…

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