Live, Virtual Mommy / Daddy and Me Music Classes

Welcome to Maizy and Me, this has been a project that’s super near and dear to my heart.  The truth is, music for 0-5 year olds had been so foreign to me.  I’ve always worked with kids in grades K-12 and really specialized in working with middle and high schoolers.

I was always afraid of little kids, I didn’t know what to do with them, didn’t know how to communicate with them, and certainly didn’t know how to teach them.  Then I had one of my own (and now one more on the way), and I realized how amazing these little people are!  Everything is new and exciting to them, they are a complete blank canvas.  These kids love to learn, explore, and their little personalities are just getting started.

Our daughter, Maizy, has taught me so much, and learning along side of her has really opened up my eyes to a whole new world.  Designing these classes has been a complete passion project for me.  One that I’ve been talking about for quite some time, but just didn’t really have the confidence to begin.  Finally it hit me, I know exactly what to do, I have the words, today is the day Maizy and Me is going to be launched.

I’m so excited and proud to be able to present this program to you.


Maizy and Me Class Descriptions

Maizy and Me is:

  • A live, virtual group class meeting via Zoom for 20 minutes per meeting (Any mom or dad who has worked with super young kids knows that their attention span is super short, so we want to be able to grab their attention and run with it)
  • The classes are broken down for different age groups so that each child gets the most out of their classes and really sees success 
    • 0-1
    • 2-3
    • 4-5
  • This is a parent and child class, so it is required that parents participate with their children during the entire's a super fun way to spend time with your child, bond, and work with them 
  • The classes will contain a combination of musical warm ups, games, activities, instrument playing, movement, art, and literature
  • All classes will be recorded and posted on a private, password protected page strictly for the enrolled students.  This way you can continue to work with your child on the songs and activities we did that week…..and if your child is having a little difficulty during class focusing or staying present, you can always revisit what we did for the day, and you’re not just missing class……Just a reminder, we will have those moments where our kids will not be present, will not want to focus, will want to move and that’s okay…..Give yourself a little grace and enjoy their moment trying to bring them back in when you can
  • After each class you will be also be given some fun extension activities - additional books to read, art projects to complete, movement activities, songs to check out, recipes to try…..anything that goes with our theme for the week
  • Classes run for 4 weeks at a time and then you can choose to re-sign up for another section
  • For all classes, parents will be asked to purchase the "Stoie's 17 Piece Musical Instrument Set" which can be found on Amazon - This way all kids will be equipped with their own instruments, and be able to be a part of the music making process
  • Once the month begins, there are no refunds, and there aren’t any make ups for missed classes - the recorded videos are your make ups for any missed classes

To Reserve Your Spot...

Class sign up will become available Spring of 2022. 

Once you've signed up and purchased your class, your spot is officially reserved.  You'll get a confirmation email sent to the email you used to purchase your class which will include the class Zoom Link, Passcode, and private log in information for class videos.  


If you have any questions please feel free to email me