Private Coaching Sessions for Teachers - How To Effectively Teach Online

As a result of Covid teachers have been thrown in to teaching online with little to no support and training.  It can feel overwhelming and lonely, not to mention all of the scrutiny and stress that comes with learning a new skill on the spot. 

With 12 years of teaching experience - 8 in the classroom and 4 online, I want to help teachers succeed.  Play.Sing.Act has become an International Virtual School for the Performing Arts where I have taught group and private lessons to students all over the world.  There was definitely a learning curve when I first started, but now that I have built a successful business, I feel confident helping others begin theirs. 

How this works:

- Please fill out the interest form below

- I only have availability in the morning on Mondays.  Spots will be booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

- Your spot is secured with a confirmation email and successful purchase of a Coaching As You Go Session which will get you a 30 minute private coaching session for $28.00. - Please do not purchase anything until you have received a confirmation email from me.

In the coaching session we will cover:

- Tricks in making the online world feel just as comfortable and secure as the brick and mortar approach

- How to build successful lessons, share your screen, interact, provide resources that engage your students 

- The interest form will ask you for any questions you may have, I will make sure to address the questions and interests that you personally have with online teaching

What you will need:

- A positive attitude 

- A device with internet connection, video, and audio capabilities

- Zoom 

Refund/ Cancellation Policy:

- Once your session is confirmed, paid for, and booked there are no refunds.....please make sure that you are ready and able to commit



Private Coaching Sessions for Teachers - Interest Form

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