I’m so excited that you stopped by to learn a little bit more about who Play.Sing.Act is and what happens here.


Play.Sing.Act is a completely Virtual School for the Performing Arts that was established in 2016.  April Vargo started this business after teaching in the traditional classrooms for 8 years.  April loves teaching, music, traveling, and people.  As she met and spoke with people from her travels, and the students she worked with in her classrooms a common trend developed……people wanted quality performing arts education, they wanted to work with someone who truly saw and heard them, they wanted to stand out as an individual and grow their passions, and they wanted to be taken seriously.


April learned that the serious students often times got lost in the system, didn’t have an opportunity to learn due to location or lack of resources, and / or couldn’t find someone they connected with.  Establishing a virtual school would answer and solve all of these problems.  Since then, April has taught students all over the globe….North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


Students have the opportunity to learn live and in real time, there’s no pre-recorded videos or self-guided tutorials.  April believes in taking the time to establish relationships with her students, find out what their goals are, what their strengths are, and help them to succeed.  April has created her own system of teaching that is truly geared towards the individual.  We learn notes, rhythms, technique, analyze content, self reflection and performance standards, but we also focus on confidence, sense of self and how to put your best person forward.


Play.Sing.Act is not a cookie cutter solution.  April is not making little performing robots, everyone is unique and is encouraged to show off their own unique skill set.  April is very passionate about bringing out the best in her students, making learning fun, setting goals, and working hard.


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please check out what Play.Sing.Act has to offer by perusing the different learning options to see which works best for you.  Reach out, submit a form, and let’s get started.